A First-Hand Account

Updated: Feb 27

It has been awe-inspiring to see how the Lord has been working in this small ministry we have created. I myself had never seen homelessness so up close throughout my life until moving to Columbus, but have learned far greater than I would have imagined being in this ministry. In the camps that we have gone to thus far people have been receptive, most times letting us pray for them and praying for their requests. I have heard so many people claim that they believe in the Lord, but seem to have fallen out of love for him due to their life situation. I hope that every time we leave to say goodbye they feel the Lord with them as we are different than many groups that go down to them. We have the intention of making the Lord known and for them to hear the Good News. We carry Bibles to offer up and those who take them graciously say thank you seeming happy they have one. Whether they read them or not, we hope that it stirs their hearts to love the Lord and commit their life to follow Him. There have been so many fruitful things that have come out of this ministry. Many have come to church and some have been able to use resources within the members of our church. We have hopes of expanding to more people to make these works and resources available to more people specifically in the south side of Columbus. Without the donations and faithful people using their gifts to help others, we wouldn’t have been able to help people that we have now formed relationships with. Our sovereign God has done some amazing things.


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