Consistent Prayer

Is consistency key? I think I am so bold as to say that the average Christian does not naturally utilize prayer as they know they should (including me). It is a difficult discipline to develop, although many would wrongly say that it is easy. Prayer is not just a petition for world peace and successful endeavors, but an involved and personal relationship with the Father of the Trinity. Specifically, with this ministry, it would seem almost obvious that prayer is a prerequisite to "success." However, if you read my post from last week, you saw that we cannot rate a ministry by "success," because we do not have that authority. The truth is that prayer is needed (Yes Zach, I know), but we must prepare our hearts and minds for God's Will.

Another basic question: If the "success" of a ministry is determined by the One whom the ministry is for, then how can we discern what to pursue within the ministry from our limited perspective? Basic answer: Special Revelation (Scripture). God has revealed His character through His Word and calls Christians to faithfully and consistently pursue holiness with an understanding that we will never live up to His standard. Do you see how everything gets related back to the Gospel?

All of these seemingly disconnected points are related to Homes for Bibles right now. I find that when I pray for this ministry, I ask for specific things to happen that I think would glorify God from my limited perspective. However, I am working on being more consistent in praying for the direction and purpose of this ministry rather than my interpretation of where I think we should go. Consistent prayer is necessary. Pauls says in Romans 12:12, "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." He is speaking about how the body of Christ should act through these "Proverb-esque" statements. Although we may not always know what we should be doing with this ministry, we thank God for giving us the necessary tools for worship: Scripture to lead us to the knowledge of His character and the ability to have a relationship with Him. Consistent prayer is key.

I ask you to please be praying for wisdom and discernment for me and the others within this ministry.

Thank you,


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