Grace Polaris Donates 1000+ Bibles

God has blessed Homes for Bibles in many ways throughout the past year. One of the biggest blessings that we have received came in the form of a very large amount of Bibles! Through a few faithful friends, we were able to get in contact with Grace Polaris Church in Westerville. They had just recently finished a building project and found that they had a large number of extra Bibles. About 1000 to be more specific! We got in contact with them and they said that they've been looking for someone to give them to. It was God's plan for us to receive those Bibles because they have been a HUGE blessing to us! We have given away 400+ Bibles so far and plan to give them all away! We donated 280 of them to a Christian organization in Africa (another blog post about this coming soon) and have handed out over 120 to homeless people in Columbus! Through God's provision and guidance, we plan to continue giving Bibles to homeless people around Columbus and we thank all of you who have helped us in that!

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