The Recent Year

I know it has been about a year since the last post, but I hope to be able to be consistent now. I want to use this post to update you about the events that occurred in the last year.

God has shown himself to me and my friends in many ways in the last year. A quick summary wouldn’t suffice for these stories to be explained, but here I go. Ever since all of this Covid stuff began, God has revealed many different things to us within this ministry. We are a student-led ministry with no biblical training or years of wisdom to back us so, as young adults, we have had to tread lightly with how we could be the most faithful to God. We knew we had to continue doing what we knew would work: giving out care packages. Although talking with people about the Gospel and building relationships with them to encourage them would be optimal, it was not within our range yet. The best we could do was make care packages and annotate Bibles to point to specific books and passages to begin reading. We kept track of most of the names and have been praying for these people throughout the months. I have had conversations with many people who are homeless this past year as well. Some of the conversations were fruitful and some of them were not. There were a few months this year that I wondered if we were supposed to be doing what we were doing, but James chapter 2 would come to mind. My view was that we were having some “successes” in a sea of “failures.” However, the reality is that as long as we were doing our job and doing it faithfully, then that is all we can do. The joy in this ministry has to come from the “micro-moments,” where people have a desire to know God and be His children. Furthermore, you have to be content in the dry spots as well. Some of the things we do might have invisible effects and we have to be content with that idea. James says that “the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.” It is important that we do not view these dry spots as anything other than God showing His glory in each and every moment, no matter the circumstances. James also says, “And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete and lack nothing.” This is our sanctification.

If I could ask for anything it would be prayer. Please pray for the people that we interact with as well as those we don’t get a chance to. Please pray for their salvation and sanctification. Pray for us as well: that we would be faithful to God and pursue Him in each area of our lives.


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